Aimlessly traveling anywhere and everywhere….

I am a semi-normal human with the constant desire to see as many places in this world as my tiny bank account will allow….Join me on my adventures.


Recent Posts

Where am I going next?


Friend trip turned solo trip coming soon. One week traveling around Spain as long as current travel restrictions stay in place.

Birthday Trip!

A lot of possibilities here. Likely a national park trip, any suggestions 🙂

Christmas Trip!

Please let this be a Europe trip. Someday I’ll explain why I like solo travel through the holidays. I need to fully understand it myself first!


What People Say

Where are you off to now?


I don’t know how you travel all the time by yourself, don’t you get bored?

Also everyone

What’s on my Travel Bucket List?

Oktoberfest, Tulip Festival, seeing Ed Sheeran on as many continents as possible, ANTARCTICA…..

A few of my favorite things…

Here are some of my travel must haves….

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