Aimlessly traveling anywhere and everywhere….

I am a semi-normal human with the constant desire to see as many places in this world as my tiny bank account will allow….Join me on my adventures.

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Measure twice, book once.

Ok, that’s not how the saying goes. But this trip had surprises around every corner….not the good kind. The best advice for travelling, whether by yourself or with others, is to pack tons of patience and go with the flow. A bad day travelling is ALWAYS better than a day spent working. On a whim, […]

How COVID changed the way I travel….

The pandemic proved to be the turning point for so many people who book via a third party. Many people lost out on thousands of dollars when these smaller third party companies crumbled when all travel was halted. I’ve talked about the times third-party booking didn’t work out for me in a previous post. Through […]

24 hours in Paris

Potentially an unpopular opinion. I did not love Paris. Full disclosure, I was tired, and sort of under the weather during my trip, but even still, it may be a been there done that destination for me. I took the Eurostar from London to Paris. That turned out to be a great idea. It was […]

Where am I going next?

Mediterranean Cruise

A quick trip from Milan to Barcelona. Cheap cruise, flight credit and some free time made this one happen in October.

Key West

A birthday celebration at the Southernmost Point in November

A Nashville Christmas

Nashville anytime of year is fun, but let’s see what the Christmas season is all about.


What People Say

Where are you off to now?


I don’t know how you travel all the time by yourself, don’t you get bored?

Also everyone

What’s on my Travel Bucket List?

Oktoberfest, Tulip Festival, seeing Ed Sheeran on as many continents as possible, ANTARCTICA…..

A few of my favorite things…

Here are some of my travel must haves….

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