Aimlessly traveling anywhere and everywhere….

I am a semi-normal human with the constant desire to see as many places in this world as my tiny bank account will allow….Join me on my adventures.

Recent Posts

I’m 39+…..

What a bummer to have a big birthday during a pandemic. I refused to let the year of travel restrictions get in the way of celebrating turning 40. I flew into Las Vegas, NV and stayed at one of my favorite resorts just off the strip. It’s called Tahiti Village, and I stay there through […]

Best Ice Cream Ever?

Run, do not walk. There is a cute little ice cream shop in the Nyhavn neighborhood of Copenhagen. I do not know what kind of magic they sprinkle into their ice cream, but it was the best I’ve ever had. It could have been situational, seeing as my first 6 hours in the city I […]

Staying in Jail along the Bourbon Trail

Alright ya’ll, even if you’re not into drinking, there is something for everyone along Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail. The Trail is comprised of 18 distilleries and the official website contains everything you’ll need to make this an epic adventure. They even help you make good responsible decisions by having drivers available to help you arrive and […]

Where am I going next?

Mediterranean Cruise

A quick trip from Milan to Barcelona. Cheap cruise, flight credit and some free time made this one happen in October.

Key West

A birthday celebration at the Southernmost Point in November

A Nashville Christmas

Nashville anytime of year is fun, but let’s see what the Christmas season is all about.


What People Say

Where are you off to now?


I don’t know how you travel all the time by yourself, don’t you get bored?

Also everyone

What’s on my Travel Bucket List?

Oktoberfest, Tulip Festival, seeing Ed Sheeran on as many continents as possible, ANTARCTICA…..

A few of my favorite things…

Here are some of my travel must haves….

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