Aimlessly traveling anywhere and everywhere….

I am a semi-normal human with the constant desire to see as many places in this world as my tiny bank account will allow….Join me on my adventures.

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My 4 step travel planning guide

Choose a Destination/Book a flight This is an interesting phase for me. I can be so incredibly random with my choices sometimes. Often my trips are planned around events, festivals, certain times of year to avoid being a grumpy butt in hot weather, Ed Sheeran concerts…the list goes on. The beautiful part of social media […]

Kentucky Derby

When I was in college, I worked as a waitress at a harness race track. Every year, the busiest day of the year was Derby Day. People got all dressed up, wore fancy hats, drank a lot, and spent a lot. It was a huge party. I knew that someday I would get to the […]

Finding my True Self…in Sedona

Many of us have had a point in our lives where we are lost, not sure of which path to take, not sure of our life purpose. We sometimes lose the motivation and drive to better ourselves. We feel stuck. Summer 2021 was that time for me. The pandemic took away my escape, travel. Sure, […]

Where am I going next?


June will bring me back to London, for yet another Ed Sheeran show. I know, I know, he just does such a great job live.

Fall Trip Ideas

Since COVID destroyed my Spain trip, I’d like to re-book this. Also toying with a Mediterranean Cruise.

Christmas Markets!

I’ve been dying to visit these European Christmas Markets. Any suggestions on which country has the best? I hear Germany knows what they’re doing.


What People Say

Where are you off to now?


I don’t know how you travel all the time by yourself, don’t you get bored?

Also everyone

What’s on my Travel Bucket List?

Oktoberfest, Tulip Festival, seeing Ed Sheeran on as many continents as possible, ANTARCTICA…..

A few of my favorite things…

Here are some of my travel must haves….

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