First timer here…

Greetings Friends! This is my first try at Blog Life. Mostly for my own memories, but since I travel solo 96% of the time, I’d love to share my adventures with all of you.

I travel whenever my bank account and job allow me to. I love being anywhere and going everywhere. The journey to the destinations is almost more fun for me than the destinations themselves.

I hope to capture your attention with all sorts of fun stories from the roads less (and frequently) traveled. Did you know, the sidewalks of London in front of the Prime Ministers house will give you a phenomenal forehead bruise, but only if you fall flat on your face just right… If you trip in a dramatic fashion outside of the ever popular British Museum you will meet the kindest people who will pick up your phone that catapulted out of your hand on your way to the ground. In Copenhagen, if you get lost in the streets at 6AM with all your luggage, (good thing I travel light) just as a torrential downpour happens, you’ll meet the sweetest hostel host who cracks a joke about the weather in Denmark to make you feel better about looking like a drowned rat. I hope to relive more of these memories of travels past with you and create more memories in future travels.

Bear with me as I get the hang of blog life. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.


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