From Blowing Bubbles to Blown Glass. A Weekend in Seattle

Gum Wall:

When in Seattle…ok, yes, this is disgusting, and sad to see such disrespect for property. Did it stop me from blowing one last bubble and adding to the wall? Nope. I felt that it was a right of passage. Its as if you haven’t been to Seattle if your DNA isn’t pasted on that wall.

Seriously though, who comes up with this stuff? According to a quick Google Search, here is how it started:

“Established improv theater company, Unexpected Productions, began leasing the building 1991.  Soon after, a patron waiting in the ticket line to see Theatresports, a popular competition improv comedy show (still running today), stuck a piece of chewed gum to the wall, topping it with a penny.  Others soon followed suit.  By the end of 1995, the wall was covered with the coin-topped chewed gum offering.  One day, someone in need of money took all the coins, but left the gum. The idea stuck.” (thanks UP Improv)

Chihuly Museum

This is a MUST. Chihuly Garden and Glass Tour will cost you about $30 and its 100% worth it. Dale Chihuly is a world famous glass blower with art pieces located all around the world in places like the Louvre in Paris, Kew Gardens in London, Museums in Ireland and Finland. This lad has some talent. You will be blown away (ha–see what I did there?) by the pieces on display in Seattle. You can easily spend a few hours walking through the exhibits and gardens.

Space Needle

I feel like this is yet another, tourist must do. Your best best is to buy the Chihuly/Space Needle combo ticket that will cost you about $55. Your Space Needle ticket brings you up to the top of the Seattle landmark where you will be treated to spectacular views from the revolving floor. Some areas even have glass floors where you can peek down to the people below.

Pike Place Market

Whether you’re ready to fill your belly, grab some fresh cut gorgeous flowers or just people watch, Pike Place Market is for you. There are so many options for food whether you’re into seafood, or not from the sea food. Highly recommend the chowder sampler at Pike Place Chowder.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Ok so this definitely isn’t in Seattle, but if you have a car and extra time while visiting Seattle, you could take a quick 2 hour drive up to Vancouver, BC. This tourist attraction is set in a 30 acre park. The trails along and through the park are easy to navigate. The suspension bridge itself is 450ft long and stretches across the Capilano River. I have to admit crossing the bridge I did feel a bit weak in the knees, and even kept bouncing long after stepping off the bridge. Its a great spot, would definitely recommend making a side trip to visit.

‘Til next time kids….


One response to “From Blowing Bubbles to Blown Glass. A Weekend in Seattle”

  1. I love Seattle and I echo your sentiment about the Capilano Suspension Bridge- it’s quite an experience. Thank you for sharing!


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