Staying in Jail along the Bourbon Trail

We were in town for only a couple days, as we had an event in Indianapolis to go to. Our travel companions were Bourbon Trail veterans, so we let them lead the way.

We chose to visit two of the distilleries along the Trail: Jim Beam Makers Mark. Both locations offer a tour and a tasting. The tours are a lot of fun and its really interesting to learn the history and process of how these well loved spirits are created.

I’m still no pro when it comes to talking about, drinking, or buying Kentucky Bourbon, but I do know that the Members Mark facility was lovely and I enjoyed their samples the most. There was even a part of the tour where you could dip your own bottle in the signature wax with any imprint you wish as a trip souvenir.

After our belly’s were warm and full we made our way back to our accommodations for the evening, an old jail!

Jailers Inn located in Bardstown, KY was an fully operational jail housing prisoners from 1797 up until as recently as 1987! This bed and breakfast style inn has private bedrooms, but even more exciting, if you choose, you can even stay in a jail cell.

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There are a lot of stories that are within those walls, and I cannot confirm or deny whether it was haunted, but I didn’t take any chances walking around at night.

The inn-keepers were friendly and accommodating, breakfast was delicious, served outside in their backyard, where at one point in time prisoners were hung.

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