Jamaican me crazy! All-inclusive resort

I attended a wedding at a Sandals resort in Jamaica. This was my first experience at an all-inclusive resort. We had a blast! There was about 12 of us that attended and it couldn’t have been more perfect, except maybe the shuttle ride to/from the resort.

There are many all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. The one we went to was Sandals White House. This required an hour or so shuttle ride from the Montego Bay airport. Driving this far with a native is not for the weak-stomached…or for people who spent a week drinking and eating until they burst.

Upon arrival to the resort, you are greeted with a welcome rum punch, and that is all I remember. Thanks for reading.

Actually, despite the mass consumption of alcohol and food, we remember a lot, and also don’t remember much. Like how did we think it was ok to hop in the water fountain for a picture?

So many food options were available. And although they do require clothes and shoes at dinner, its ok if you wear men’s shoes that are about 12 sizes to big.

If you don’t like to eat and drink, I wouldn’t think an all-inclusive resort would be for you. For a group–it really doesn’t get better. There’s no worrying about splitting the bill, wondering who’s turn it is to buy a round of drinks next or catering to picky eaters. We all ate whenever and where ever we wanted. Did you know while at the pool you could order a whole pool float full of frozen drinks?! Yep, neither did the staff, but we managed.

For a bride, I couldn’t imagine a wedding being any less stressful. The resort took care of all the details, wedding hair and makeup looked amazing, ceremony location was perfect, and at what wedding do you immediately jump into the pool after for the reception? Rehersal dinner? Sure, which restaurant shall we go to?

You can even sweet talk the bartenders and resort staff to deliver you some cocktails into the ocean. They do frown upon champagne bottles in the pool though, so maybe don’t try that.

In the end, all-inclusives are a fabulous way to have a great time with a group of friends worry-free. I would 100% recommend.


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